Transform Tomorrow's Potential Into a LOC Today.

Not every business is ready for capital, and that is ok. However, most businesses can always use a little help getting there. We’ve designed a solution.

Buy Now, Pay Later

We know what it is like to have to beg, barter and (hopefully not) steal to build your business on a budget. 

To make your journey a little bit simpler, we’ve designed an innovative way for bootstrapped founders to afford services & solutions they need today, while paying for them from a small percentage of revenue over time. 

This structure empowers you with the access to what you need in order to succeed, without the worry of taking on traditional bank debt or other cumbersome forms of capital. 

We’re ready to back the next cohort of bootstrapped founders

Leverage a Simple Line of Credit

Instead of having to shell out cash for services you need today, leverage a performance based line of credit that you can slowly pay back over time when your business is able to afford to do so. 

Get the help you need today, and pay from a small percentage of the results from your business over time.

Smooth Out Cash Flow


Cash on Hand


Trapped Equity


Line of Credit


Purchase Power

I didn't have the $30k upfront to transform my business. Luckily I was able to access it.

Alexandre Hombertuge – Founders

How It Works

Connect Your Data Sources

Integrate your major business tools to collect financial data.

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Identify Your Line of Credit

Work with the team to identify what a safe margin of credit would be.

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Leverage For Performance

Make use of the line of credit to access our solutions.

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Repay Over Time

Repay your line of credit over time from a small % of your revenue.

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Leverage The Ecosystem

Become a portfolio company and gain unlimited access to our entire portfolio and partner platform to leverage to your advantage.