Simple, Friendly,Affordable,Flexible,Accessible,Performance Capital

Founder friendly, simple, affordable, performance based acquisition & growth capital

Simple Capital That Flows With Your Business.

Our powerful analytics tools allow you to gain deep insights into your audience demographics, behaviors, and engagement, helping you to make informed decisions and adjust your strategy as needed.
Never Owe More Than You Can Afford.

Never Owe More Than You Can Afford.

We make sure to underwrite based on what you can afford to repay from a small % of your revenue over time.

Access Capital When You Need It.

Access Capital When You Need It.

Once you have met the prequalification process, we’ll provide you with access to capital when you need.

Flexible Repayments That Ebb and Flow.

Flexible Repayments That Ebb and Flow.

Unlike a fixed loan repayment, you will be able to pay less when you earn less and more when you make more.

World-Class Data Insights & Security.

World-Class Data Insights & Security.

Everything is backed and underwritten by your own business data inside our secure platform.

The old way

The new way

Data-Driven Decisions

How does it work?

Connect with your favorite tools

We calculate your monies multiple + risk ratio to assess your available wedge equity.

Money gets wired in as little as 72 hours.

Keep it simple, fast, and secure. Easy as 1, 2, 3…

Give Yourself Leverage

Convert Trapped Equity Into Simple Capital.

Unlock the value of your wedge equity with a performance based line of credit.

Access The Capital You Need.

We’ve made it our mission to design the most bootstrapper friendly capital solution possible.



Once approved our system can provide you access to capital in a as little as 72 hours.

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Your performance based line of credit will ebb & flow with the revenue of your business.

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You’ll never find yourself overextended and will automatically make simple payments.

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Repay What You Can Afford.

Achieve targets, monitor advancement, and allocate resources with increased proficiency through robust reporting capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

When in doubt, just apply and  have a simple conversation with a member of our team.

Do I qualify?

We’ve been able to design a capital source friendly to most bootstrappers and suggest you apply to at minimum have a conversation. Basic requirements are a product in market with paying customers.

What is the interest rate?

None. We leverage a revenue based financing strategy, which means there is technically no interest rate. We simply are purchasing your future revenue at a discounted basis today.

Are there minimum requirements?

We require a product in market and paying customers. For higher risk companies, we may require the completion of our wedge equity workshop or other supplementary advisory services.

How much capital can I access?

Up to $2 million based on a % of your trailing twelve months revenue. 

What can I utilize the capital for?

Growth in your existing business or the acquisition of a new business.

Leverage The Bootstrapper Ecosystem.

Become a portfolio company and gain unlimited access to our entire portfolio and partner platform to leverage to your advantage.