Equity Transformation

Unlock More Value In Your Business.

With an equity transformation you can identify the exact strategy to increase your valuation, get better terms on investment and achieve a larger exit multiple if/when it is time to sell.

How it works

Learn where you are.
Get to where you want to be.


Uncover Your North Star Framework

Discover your personal ‘why’, get complete control over your finances, and design a vision / purpose / mission / objectives / strategies / outcomes (VMPOSA) to align into the right decisions at the right time for your business and future.


Master Your Valuation

Work through a current valuation of your business and understand why it is valued what it is. Learn the components that dictate what your company is worth (or not worth) so you can get a clear foundational view of what needs to be improved upon. 


Design an Equity Transformation Plan

Take the structures and strategies that go into building wedge equity and design a plan of action that your team can stay accountable to resulting in simple profitable outcomes – higher valuations, better terms on investment and larger exit multiples. 

Use Cases

Trust the process. Commit to the journey.

We will get you setup for success to execute on each of the major components and milestones of your businesses transformation as you build wedge equity, and ultimately a better business.

Set your vision

Design your strategic VPMOSA for companywide alignment.

Align your people

Get the right people into the right roles focused on the right things at the right time.

Position your product

Master your unique value proposition and get it in front of the right customer persona.

Deliver your value

Optimize the simplicity of how you deliver more value at a lower cost to your customers.

Increase your profit

Build your brand equity as you simplify your operational equity to grow revenue and decrease costs.

Build a better business

Design wedge equity and get to higher valuations, better terms on investment and larger exit multiples.

Unlock trapped capital by building wedge equity.

Increase the wedge equity in your business and convert it into performance based capital through our simple capital solutions.

Simplify your business system.

Install a business operating system along your journey to transform your business from a liability to an asset that works for you.

Get started today

Our equity transformations typically take 4 weeks and equipped you with everything you need to design wedge equity in your business.