Unlock (trapped) value in your business.

We help build profit-first businesses that people enjoy owning.

Keep it simple. Trust the process. Commit to the journey.

Buying, building

& selling, & investing, & advising, & helping, & supporting

simple, profitable businesses like yours.

We are slowly buying & building our own portfolio of simple, profitable businesses with one goal in mind — make it simple & affordable for you to build, buy, or sell your own

The simplest way to find, finance, scale, sell your next business.

Our goal was to build an ecosystem that supports your entire build, buy, and sell journey. Leverage our network as your own to find, finance, scale, and then sell your next business.

Bundled,Better Together

Leverage simple capital + simple solutions.

If you access performance based capital with us, then you also open up all of the structures, strategies and accountabilities that will help  you achieve simple, profitable outcomes. Bundled together. Better together.

Better, Affordably, Simpler bundled together

Getting access to affordable solutions that help you experience simple, profitable outcomes is a challenge for many bootstrapping investopreneurs. We’ve strived to change that by perfecting an affordable bundle of solutions that anyone, anywhere can access. 

That is why we are slowly buying & building of our own portfolio companies with the goal of making it simple & affordable for you to build, buy, and sell your own.

Unlock Simple Profits

Unlock trapped equity in your business and transform your bottom line.

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Make Simple Bets

Leverage the structures, strategies, and accountabilities to drive simple, profitable outcomes.

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Access Simple Capital

Convert your trapped equity into simple, performance-based capital to fuel your growth.

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Leverage Simple Broker

Get support finding, financing, or selling your next business the simple way.

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The Bootstrapper Ecosystem

Convert trapped equity into simple capital.

Wedge equity is locked up inside your business right now. Leverage our platform to unlock it and convert equity into capital to fuel your business.

Keep It Simple👋

Unlocked trapped equity.

Achieve higher valuations, better terms on investment, and larger exit multiples.

Our team has committed to master the craft of building wedge equity in businesses we buy. Since we do it for ourselves, we are also happy to help other investopreneurs build a better business – unlocking trapped equity and converting it into simple capital.

Build a more profitable business.

Understand how to build brand equity

Brand equity impacts your monies multiple and driving how much revenue your business generates and ultimate what your business valuation is. 

Simplify your operational equity

Operational equity impacts your risk ratio and how much of a discount potential investors will put on your monies multiple. It also is how efficient your business can run, without you having to run your business. 

Build wedge equity

Wedge equity is ultimately how much money you will be able to pull out of your business if you are to raise capital or sell equity. You want to grow this to be as much as possible, for as long as possible. It is your brand equity multiplied by your operational equity, and it is how you can build a better business. 


Convert wedge equity into performance capital.

Flexible Revenue Based Terms

Repay only what you can afford.

We leverage revenue based financing for our repayment structure, which means you will never be responsible to pay more than your business can afford to. 

Leverage a full bundle of resources.

Get To Simple Profitable Outcomes

Trust the process. Commit to the journey.

We will get you setup for success to execute on each of the major components and milestones of your businesses transformation as you build wedge equity, and ultimately a better business.

Set your vision

Design your strategic VPMOSA for companywide alignment.

Align your people

Get the right people into the right roles focused on the right things at the right time.

Position your product

Master your unique value proposition and get it in front of the right customer persona.

Deliver your value

Optimize the simplicity of how you deliver more value at a lower cost to your customers.

Increase your profit

Build your brand equity as you simplify your operational equity to grow revenue and decrease costs.

Build a better business

Design wedge equity and get to higher valuations, better terms on investment and larger exit multiples.

Affordable & accessible performance based capital solutions.

We’ve pioneered an innovative approach to providing valuable experience-driven capital solutions to business owners who are not a great fit for traditional, institutional or venture capital.

Leverage The Bootstrapper Ecosystem

How we support.

Enhance Skills

Enhance Skills

Access training and enablement programs and boot camps to level up your talent.

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Design Equity

Design Equity

Design impact focused strategies to build wedge equity in your business that you test with Simple Bets.

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Optimize Proftiability

Optimize Proftiability

Focus on pulling the right levers at the right time to increase your revenue and decrease costs.

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Stay Accountable

Stay Accountable

Participate in live workshops, attend events, work in our virtual co-working and stay on track.

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Simplify Operations

Simplify Operations

Build a better business system and simplify the processes that deliver repeatable outcomes.

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Stay Focused

Stay Focused

Trust the process. Commit to the journey. Leverage the structures, strategies, and accountability.

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Who are we best built for?

Existing customer traction

We are best suited for businesses that already have some initial paying customers and looking to get to the next level without giving away equity.

At least 3+ months operating

We really like to work with folks who have already brought a solution to market and can help you clarify a strategy to drive simple, profitable outcomes.

Simple 'cap table' (ownership)

We are best suited for businesses that are not a great fit for traditional venture capital and have a simple ownership structure with less than 5 investors ideally. 

We even wrote 'the book' on it.

Buy ‘The Book’ on Bootstrapping and join us in our community as we work through a live workshop series. 

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