Bundled,Better Together

Leverage Simple Capital + Simple Solutions.

If you access performance based capital with us, then you also open up all of the structures, strategies and accountabilities that will help  you achieve simple, profitable outcomes. Bundled together. Better together.

Since 2012, we’ve helped all kinds of companies build their wedge equity

Why Bundle?

Our portfolio company, Simple Profits, was rooted in the idea of helping more investopreneurs get the structures, strategies, and accountabilities to achieve simple, profitable outcomes. 

Given our own need to build wedge equity amongst our portfolio companies, we were able to take the majority of our ‘owned’ lessons and resources and repurpose them in a way to help others build wedge equity.

Naturally, this is a perfect fit for anyone who has already unlocked performance based capital, or aspired to build wedge equity in their business to transform their future potential into working capital today.

That being said, we made simple design to bundle the two. If you receive any performance capital, then you also get access to the simple solutions to help you get to simple, profitable outcomes.

“Performance capital was a no-brainer for our team, but taking any money feels risky. Knowing that we have access to the support provided by Simple Profits, we feel reassured and far more confident taking that leap.”

Samuel Seo

Founder @ Minty

Build Brand Equity

Increase your monies multiple.

Building your brand equity is the fastest way to grow your monies multiple, and as a consequence get to higher valuations, better terms on investment and larger exit multiples.

Brand equity is rooted in increasing your revenue by mastering the four pillars of customer acquisition and optimizing your overall throughput via better systems, process and strategies.

Simplify Operational Equity

Decrease your risk ratio.

Don’t let investors or potential buyers discount the value of your business. Building up operational equity is the best defense against down swings in not only the market, but the value of your business. 

Improve your overall operational efficiency. Simplify your life. Improve the happiness of your team. Increase your profitability.

Better Access to Simple Capital.

Unlock Trapped Capital.

Every business has trapped capital waiting to be unlocked. 

Build Wedge Equity.

Build brand equity and simplify operational equity.

Leverage Performance Capital.

Access capital in your business when you need it & repay only when you can afford.

Convert Trapped Equity into Simple Capital.

Get in touch to see how much performance based capital your team can access in as little as 72 hours.