About Us

We’re on a journey to empower investopreneurs worldwide.

After more than a decade bootstrapping our own portfolio of simple, profitable businesses – we made the decision to double-down and focus on creating an innovative platform of companies that will help empower more investopreneurs around globe to pursue and achieve their own vision, purpose, and mission. 

We’ve helped over 1500+ investopreneurs start and grow their business


Our strategic VPM

We believe in the power of the VPMOSA as a strategic North Star framework. Every quarter our leadership team reviews our own to make sure we are fully aligned around the right level of purpose and impact. 


Our Core Beliefs: 

Commitment to the Craft: Work ethic is non-negotiable. It’s not about the destination, but the journey. Trust the process, commit to the journey, and embrace the experience. 


The Virtue of Giving: One truly gains more by giving than by taking. The spirit of generosity not only enriches the giver but strengthens the fabric of society. 


Championing Investopreneurs: Investopreneurs embody the soul of the American spirit – a fusion of vision, risk, and resilience. We stand steadfastly behind them as they steer the course of innovation and change. 


Collaborative Growth: In a world obsessed with competition, we believe in the power of collaboration. When minds unite, solutions amplify, and everyone stands to gain. 


Simplicity as a Virtue: While the allure of complexity often beguiles, true genius lies in simplicity. It’s a journey to attain, but always worth the pursuit. 

The Power of Experience: It’s not just about transactions but interactions. Quality experiences lay the foundations of trust and cultivate deep, meaningful relationships. 


A Reflection of Excellence: Every piece of work you put forth is a mirror reflecting your ethos. It paints a portrait of dedication, precision, and passion. Quality isn’t just an outcome, it’s a statement of who you are. 



Vision Statement:

“To inspire and educate a million+ investopreneurs, by demonstrating the attainability of building their optimal life through the path of ownership, and changing the world in the process.”

Purpose Statement:

“To empower 100,000+ investopreneurs to achieve financial independence and freedom by embracing a less-risky, more sustainable approach to capitalism. We are dedicated to transforming the entrepreneurial landscape into a more accessible, equitable space where every investopreneur has the tools and knowledge to succeed.”

Mission Statement:

“Our mission is to simplify the journey for 10,000+ investopreneurs in realizing the freedom of their optimal life. We aim to achieve this by creating and nurturing an ecosystem of businesses that simplifies the process for investopreneurs to build, buy, and sell their ventures, fostering a community where empowerment through ownership is not just a dream but a reality.”

Our core values

We believe that an organization is only as good as the people that drive it forward. For those reasons, human capital is always our primary focus and we believe that relationships & experiences matter most.

People First
Purpose Focused

People first.

Product next.

Profit always follows.


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Our team

We are always looking for extraordinary people to join our amazing team of investopreneurs.

Chris Sacchinelli

Founder, Investopreneur

Maria Warden

Head of HR

Robert Fox

Accounting Director

Warren Chae

Head of Technology

Sarah Baker

Creative Director

Felix Kjellberg

Head of Operations