Building the most affordable & flexible, bootstrapper friendly, performance capital.

We are committed to be the capital partner of choice for any profit-led business owner who is building a better business on a budget.


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What makes performance capital better?

performance capital
The Problem

Equity? Let’s get real. It’s expensive to give away equity in your business. 

Loans? Having a heavy fixed monthly payment can end up killing your cash flow. 

The Solution

Our Performance Based Capital ebbs and flows with the ups & downs of your business’s revenue. 

  • No Hidden Fees

  • No Expensive Equity

  • No Heavy Fixed Payments

  • 100% Alignement

Capital Comparison

Compare other capital sources

Loan Amount
Loan Term
Comparison Rate


No Support
Heavy Fixed
Personal Guarantee

Venture Capital

Limited Support
Expensive Equity
Personal Guarantee

Private Equity

Limited Support
Heavy & Expensive
Personal Guarantee
>12% + equity

Private Lenders

No Support
Nearly Predatory
Typically Guaranteed
Full Support
No Guarantee

More than just another capital partner.

We are building an entire portfolio of businesses around the goal of helping you build / buy / sell your own simple, profitable business.

Solutions to build better together

Our perfectly balanced ecosystem of portfolio companies and partners is designed to provide you with the right access to the right solution at the right prices at the right time to help you build a better business on a budget.


Join our purpose-led & experience-driven community of business owners building better businesses together.

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Getting connected to the right solutions at the right time is the primary focus of the bootstrapper ecosystem we are building.

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By leveraging our community underwriting & ecosystem of partners we are able to become your capital partner of choice.

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Community With a Purpose

Proudly pioneering community-led underwriting.

By innovating in an industry that is slow to move forward, we have been able to decrease the cost of diligence, increase the speed to underwrite, and pass the savings on to you.

Community Accountability

Our community is focused on helping profit-led businesses keep it simple & stay accountable to their ‘simple plan’. Structures, strategies, & accountability.

Community Capital

By pioneering the concept of our community capital fund we are able to decrease the cost of capital and cost of diligence to deploy more money at better terms to the business owners who need it most.

The simplest way to find, finance, sell your next business.

Simple Broker is the world’s most active business brokerage. Leverage our network as your own to find, finance, or sell your next business.

our business advisory team

Business advisory that literally 'wrote the book' on it

Our business advisory firm, Simple Profits, focuses on helping everyone start with a simple plan to unlock value in your business & then support you through the execution of that plan as you build your brand and operational equity. 

What they say about us

This bootcamp changed my whole concept regarding building a profitled business.

Young Alaska, California
This course is amazing 🔥 I didn’t expect this so much of great information!
Frederic Simon, New York

So many insights, new information, loved the tips about brand equity.

Lucas Tomhill, Florida

Watchour journey

An overnight success over ten years in the making. Hear about our story and let us become a meaningful part of your journey.